Lambrusco Rose

The other day, I gave a lecture and as a token I was given a bottle of wine – a Lambrusco Rose, a frizzante from Marks and Spencer.


  1. Lambrusco is a type of grape and also the type of wine which comes from those grapes. Generally it is a sweet wine but the level of sweetness will depend on the specific wine you choose. (So if you are not a fan of bitter or sour wines, the Lambrusco is for you! If you like Novellino, you’ll like this but be warned this is less sweet than the extremely sweet Novellino). This particular bottle that was given to me was made from grapes in the Emilia region of Italy.
  2. Rose (not rose as in a flower but read as row-zey). It’s sort of like a white wine but pink or sometimes called blush. Why is it that way because it’s made from red grapes but instead of letting the juice soak with the skin of the red grape, the skins are removed immediately. So only a blush of color is transferred to the grape juice.
  3. Frizzante refers to a wine being fizzy or as having bubbles. The bubbles are incorporated so that the wine won’t be too sweet. How it gets it’s bubbles are still something I can’t fully understand, I just know that it’s a natural effect of the fermentation process. Also FYI frizzante is a different thing from spumanti and champagne.

Generally though this wine was like soda with a side of drowsy.