Yay it’s YOY!

My mom spent a year in India and while there my relatives over there taught her a couple of Indian dishes. One of the things she learned (which I truly enjoyed since childhood up to now) is YOGURT! 😀

I’m sure there are other ways to make it but here’s how we do it at home.

Your Own Yogurt (sort of)

What you need

  • Full cream powdered milk (Nido, Birch Tree and Sunny Boy come to mind, filled milk won’t work)
  • Water
  • Plain yogurt (unflavored) (We call this the seed yogurt).

How to

  1. Mix 1 glass worth of milk powder with water (follow instructions on the box)
  2. Pour milk into a pot and set to low heat. Bring to a boil. Once the milk froths and the froth reaches the rim of the pot turn the heat off.
  3. Transfer it to a glass container with a lid but keep it uncovered so it can cool off.
  4. Wait around 10-15mins. or until the liquid doesn’t give off steam. The milk should still be warm. Mix in about 5 table spoons of plain yogurt. Mix it well.
  5. Place the container uncovered in a warm place (do not put it in the ref) until it cools completely. When cool, cover the container. Let it sit overnight (about 12 hours). Do not move it around! You’ll know you did it right if the yogurt is solid or semi solid the next day.
  6. Place the container in the ref to chill.

Your first batch of yogurt may not be very silky or firm. That is to be expected. Leave 5 tablespoons worth of yogurt to seed your next batch of yogurt. As you continue this process the quality of your yogurt will improve.

BTW: Always use a clean spoon when removing yogurt from the container so you don’t introduce bacteria in to the yogurt as this will make it spoil.

If you want more yogurt just make more milk and add more seed yogurt!