Malagos Bignay Wine

A few months ago, I visited the Echo Store in High Street, BGC. There I found Malagos a local wine made from Bignay or currant tree berries. I’ve been seeing bignay wine in Baguio for several years now but they had always been of poor quality.  Anyway, I saw this bottle and decided to give it a go.

I forgot how much I bought it for but its between Php350-500.

Smooth and sweet with just the right amount of acidity.

It wasn’t until I took a photo of the back label that I realized it was being sold as a ‘dessert wine.’


See elsewhere in the world, when a wine is this sweet it’s not good for pairing with meals. But since Filipinos have a penchant for sweet wines, this would really do well for us as a table wine. Plus, it doesn’t heat the body like imported red grape wines do so it’s perfect for our warm climate. I drank it room temp but I think it would be great slightly chilled too. It’s almost like a sangria but without the sharp citrus flavor. It can come of as a tad too sweet, if that’s the case, watering it down a bit does the trick nicely!

BTW: Since I live solo, I couldn’t finish the whole bottle in one sitting. This keeps really well over a 7 day period.

I’m gonna buy this again when I get the chance! 😀


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